We are a kinship governed more so by love and respect rather than a multitude of rules (Matt. 22:37-40).  Still, we know that it’s not always easy to find the best course of action in situations that come up, so we have a few guidelines.  We hold our members accountable to them so that we can enjoy and improve the positive, family-friendly atmosphere of our community:

What we do - We are considerate and show respect to all those in-game and on forum boards.

Things we say - There is frequent "Christian talk" in the kin chat, and we welcome such things as talking about God, spiritual encouragement, and requests for prayer. We do not, however, require members to participate in such conversations since our kin is open to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Things we don't say - We abstain from crude language (vulgar words, innuendos, gossip, harsh criticism, etc.).  We also refrain from unhelpful debates which are better left outside of an MMO community.

How we help (crafting) - If you need a crafted item, we have experienced crafters of every profession and you should be able to get just about anything you need. We ask our members to provide the materials for the item(s) needed so as not to cause undue burden on the crafter who is volunteering their time.  Crafters may certainly provide the materials themselves, but this should not be expected.

How we help (leveling) - We are not a power-leveling kinship, but we are very interested to help our kin members progress their characters in other ways.  These ways include crafting gear, giving advice, and grouping with on-level characters when possible.  Cooperation and helpfulness are core elements of our kinship.

How we promote - Upon acceptance, a new member will remain in Recruit status for a period of two weeks.  During this time, Officers will purposefully interact with the Recruit to get to know them and to help answer any questions as they settle in.  A recruit may be promoted to Kinsman/Kinswoman status after this two-week period by consensus amongst the Officers.  Inactivity or problems complying with these guidelines may result in a delay before promotion. (Similarly, long-term inactivity without notice or failure to comply with the guidelines can result in demotion or removal from the kin, though we gladly welcome back any inactive members who return.)  Officers are promoted on occasion, but only as-needed and not according to a set schedule.

Stuff we share - Access to the kinship housing chests is available to Kinsmen with these instructions:
  --> All members are encouraged to donate useful items which they don't need to the kinship housing chests.
  --> You may
not sell items from the chests to vendors or on the auction house to gain money.  A kin member put it there so that another kin member could use it, not sell it.

  --> You may take crafting items from the chest if you need them to level your crafting or to craft an item for a character in the kinship.
  --> You may take class quest items for a character that you are currently developing/leveling. Please don't take items for a mostly inactive alt.
  --> If the housing chests are becoming too full, please ask an Officer to review the contents.  You may still share items with Kinsmen via a kinship-only auction on the auction house.